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Anröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter DolomitsteinAnröchter Dolomitstein
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It is not only the unique color of the stone, but also the diversity of our finishes that offer users endless possibilities for creative application. Whether the surface is honed, brushed, sand- blasted, or bush-hammered, each finish offers its own special features.
Whether a smooth, rough or structured surface is preferred, or a light or a darker-colored stone, we can satisfy even the most exacting customer requirements.
Our unique finishes also create endless opportunities for architects to implement their creative ideas.
It is best to order samples of the finishes so that you can see for yourself the potential inherent in our stone. Tactile contact is often a determining factor in personal taste.

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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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