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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
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As a young man Hubert Killing took over his father’s crafts business, which evolved over the years into the “Natural Stone Company, Anroechter Dolomitstein Hubert Killing GmbH.”
Nowadays the company uses industrial production methods and modern equipment. It offers a range of products including flooring, siding, stairs and windowsills for the German and international markets.
Now in its third-generation with Katharina Killing at the helm, the company has developed a corporate identity characterized by quality and dynamics, passion for the product, and customer care.  The company has continued to develop over the last seven decades growing with the demands of the market, customer trends and new technologies.

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Anröchter Dolomitstein
Anröchter Dolomitstein
Hubert Killing GmbH
Michaelisweg 13
59609 Anröchte-Berge

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